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Day at Sea

Just have fun, no where to go, nothing we have to do.

Breakfast on the deck, a walk, a bit of trivia, bocce, Jukebox and the poolside. Tidied up for the Captain's Club event with some good sushi, fruit, free drinks and some entertainment. There were three couples on the ship on their 61st cruise. I can't even imagine that.
We enjoyed our dinner with our new table mates and took in the Celebrity Singing Star. We only agreed two of the three finalists. One of them had pitch issues... oh well.
The next fun event was a 50s 60s dance. We danced until they signed off for the night. We enjoyed this band. I believe they were from Thailand. The lead female had a good voice and good covers. The lead male was a very smooth dancer and lots of fun. Still no time to go to bed, we headed off to the game show. "Liar" Mario, the Guitarist, A comedian and Dru, the Activity Director were on a panel. A question was asked and each panel member would give an answer with lots of BS and jokes, only one told the truth. It was very funny and we got 4/5 right but someone guessed 5/5. Not an easy task as most of the answers sounded plausible or wrong as the case may be.
That night we could hear Jukebox singing on the staff deck. It was nice to fall asleep to that! They were upset to hear that as they are not supposed to be heard by the guests and we didn't have a balcony, it just happened that our room overlooked the staff deck.

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Costa Maya


sunny 26 °C

Easily off the ship again and we found out tour. There were two full tours with My Friend Mario's tours. Our guide was Esbel and the driver was Nestor, with Daniel assisting.
So the coach was nice, which was good as it a fair drive to the ruins. Esbel spoke quite a bit on our over two and a half hour drive. We learned so much about Mayan culture and had an interesting conversation on the Mayan Calendar. We passed through a check point with armed guards and really it seems like no time at all before we were at the Kahunolich Ruins.
"The site covers about 21 acres (85,000 m2), surrounded by dense sub-tropical rainforest, and it contains almost 200 mounds, that remain largely unexcavated. The city was elaborately planned and engineered, with raised platforms and pyramids, citadels, courtyards and plazas surrounded with palace platforms, all laid out to channel drainage into a system of cisterns and an enormous reservoir to collect rainwater." Wikipedia
Lunch.. hahaha was provided. The bag lunch from the ship turned out to be a terrible cheap drink, peanuts and a small waxy crispy bar and a small ham and plastic cheese on white. Definitely not from the ship.
Dzibanche Ruins were about 1/2 hour away. "Completely surrounded by the lush foliage of the tropical jungle these time worn ruins have a mystical quality that is enhanced by a lack of tourists, who seldom venture this far south. For that reason they are frequented by all manner of tropical wildlife and exotic birds. On any given day, it's not unusual to find yourself alone to wander the maze of paths that lead to the different plazas."
These were our first ruins and we found them amazing. We were allowed to climb them, I understand this is not always the case.
A few people were pretty scary as they tottered up and down the steep stone stairs. Of course we were told a story about a woman on her honeymoon that fell and died.
The trip back provided some nap time and the obligatory sales pitches. We passed on the silver, but picked up a couple of carved candle holders. We also chatted to Esbel about life in general, how to buy a home you put your name in a lottery, wages and education.
Costa Maya itself is just a port built for the cruise lines and it was closing up for the night so we left.
Dinner.... after drinks in the Ocean view with Dave and Barbara (Halifax) So.. the American Couple was not there. They were kind of... well snobish...I don't really miss them. This was the second night of no show.. when we learned they were deserting us because our servers were too slow.
We just about to invite David and Barbara to join our table when a couple from Australia joined us. Jim and Maria were great and we are very happy with the upgrade. We finished up the evening in the theatre to watch Mario D'Andrea and his amazing guitar, he can even make is sound like bagpipes! We watched dancing with the stripes they stayed to close the dance floor down.

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Secret River, Mexico

This turned out to be my favourite excursion.

sunny 25 °C

We stated early and were on the ferry to the mainland. Sitting on the stern we had a wonderfully bumpy ride and chatted with David who is from Halifax. He was on this trip by himself as his wife was not really an underground secret river type person.
angel met us at Playa del Camon and our group of nine now boarded a van. It took us about 20 minutes to get out of town and then up a very bumpy road into the jungle. We were in introduced to our guide Gonzo and he outfitted us with wet suits, watershoes, helmets, and lights. He made us hit the washroom and have a shower. THIS TRIP WAS AWSOME!!!
We started into the caves, (cenote) at times we were walking, wading, swimming and walking chest deep down the river. The sights were more than I really could imagine even having seen the photos ahead of time. We saw crab spiders, also know as whip spiders, bats and catfish. Gonzo was so excited to share his love of the cenote we were in you could help but realize how lucky you were to have his as a guide and to have the honour of exploring the river. We were not to touch things, not to pee in the water, and no cameras. One area had the stalactites quite red/brown looking. That apparently was created by a fridge door being dumped on the jungle floor and left to rust.
Two hours sped by and out we came for a light lunch and relaxing in the hammocks.
Angel met us and back to Playa del Carmon where there was time for a wander though town and a dip in the water, Berfore we took the ferry arriving back on the ship at 4:50 with a departure at 5.
That night was enjoyed a great dinner of Chicken Wellington followed by playing x-box with Rachel while we waited for Jukebox to sing. When they came near the end of their set I asked about requests. They said not tonight, but they had a song just for me. They sang a medley (I can give you anything but love, baby) to wish me happy birthday all arranged by Rachel. We balanced out the night with a drink and listening to the string group play. It was a good day.

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I don't much like Bumpy flights

So maybe I shouldn't have watched Lost

sunny 30 °C

I don' mind flying, but .... now when we hit some bumpy air I can't help but picture the in flight precrash scene from Lost. I may be stuck with that for some time. The flight out of Seattle was way over booked with 25 people wait listed. The flight in Dallas Fort Worth had empty seats...go figure.
Flight one was with a chatty woman who had flown to Alaska for her brother's funeral, second flight was next to a guy perusing spread sheets on golf course, he never said boo.
The ride from the airport to the pier is short and in no time at all we were onboard the Equinox with glasses of Champagne. Plan of action is first breakfast/lunch and then explore. I suppose everyone else had the same idea. While getting food was no problem the seating area in and out was full, but we found a spot and never again on the cruise was it that busy.
Then what fun. They have double hammocks subtly hidden behind gauzy panels and double mattresses on the Solstice deck. A ten minute nap here, ten minutes in the sun there and on to more discoveries.
Yeh!! There was Rachel, the activity staff member from the Mercury. The definition of party girl. We finished up the day with our dinner in the dining room. A window seat in the far corner away from traffic with a couple from the states, Brian and Audrey from Niagara Falls, Canada, and oh... my brother Don and his wife Stacy from Tacoma Washington. Our waiter was Tony from India and Raynaldo from Honduras. Awesome food and the table mates? More in a bit.
I had a nap in the theatre as we waited for the show. The little taste of what was to come. Mario D'Andrea the guitarist was excellent, Jukebox is an acapella group, three swedes and an American. They are great. The choreography is a little loose, but turns out they only just started singing as a quartet. Jon learned his stuff from a CD.
More Dancing and finally bed......

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One More Sleep

sunny 14 °C

It will be time to head across the border tomorrow. Always a crap shoot on how long that will take. I guess we are packed. Things are ship shape at home and ready to be left in the hands of family. Yup. Can't wait.

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